Accessible psychological support

PEP (Praktijk van Eerstelijnspsychologen en Psychotherapeuten) was founded in 1982 by a group of young clinical psychologists. Their mission: accessible and high-quality psychological support for everyone. PEP is still dedicated to this mission. Our psychologists are highly trained and are passionate about their profession. As our client, you are our main focus. Customised assistance is essential. We always strive for the best possible treatment result.

Everything under one roof

Since 2014, primary psychological care has been included under primary mental health care (‘generalistische basis GGZ’), which is intended for the treatment of mild to moderate issues. Secondary mental health care (‘gespecialiseerde GGZ’) exists for more severe psychological problems. PEP offers all this expertise or is able to give suitable advice for referral.
“I find it very fulfilling to work at PEP Psychologen. The variety of clients, each with their own background and life story. Making a useful contribution with my knowledge and experience, supported by a reliable and excellent team. This makes me realise how meaningful my work at PEP is, every single day!”

Jacqueline van Baar, Health psychologist