Mindfulness training

– Please note that the information below is in English but the training takes place in Dutch! –

Mindfulness is a combination of Eastern Buddhist meditation techniques and Western knowledge about thoughts, stress and psychological problems. In this training, you learn how to direct your focus onto yourself in a conscious and attentive manner, increasing your awareness of your present experiences, thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

Mindfulness consists of two components. The first is self-regulated attention. The attention is focused on experiences and mental events as they unfold in the present moment. The second component involves an inquisitive and accepting attitude towards everything that you may experience: every thought, every emotion and every physical sensation is permitted to come up, without judgment or wanting it to be different.

During the practice, attention is the key focus. You will practice directing your attention to what is happening in the present: your breathing, thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. You will learn to consciously perceive what is there. During the exercise you will notice that your mind often gets pulled into making judgments and producing thoughts about the past or the future. When this happens, the key is to gently bring your attention back to the present, without judging yourself.

ยป Website: www.mindfulness.in