Internet-based Treatment

Beating the Blues and Fear Fighter

PEP Psychologen offers an internet-based program for the treatment of depressive symptoms, called Beating the Blues. For the treatment of symptoms of anxiety, we use a program called Fear Fighter. Both programs are evidence-based, effective treatments for symptoms of anxiety and depression. You will be using the programs under the supervision and responsibility of one of our health care psychologists (in Dutch a GZ-psycholoog) working at PEP Psychologen.
How does it work?
Before starting the online program, a face to face meeting is arranged with a health care psychologist at PEP Psychologen, to make an assessment of the severity of your symptoms and to determine whether internet-based treatment is appropriate for you. If the health care psychologist assigns you to an internet-based treatment program, an interactive course of eight or nine online sessions will follow. The program contains short movies, assignments, training and animations. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most common treatment approach used. Every session takes about an hour. You can follow the sessions on a weekly basis, at the time that suits you most. The psychologist will follow your progress and, when needed or asked, will contact you by phone or e-mail.
What are the costs?
The treatment is largely covered by most health insurance companies. A personal contribution of 50 euros is also required. Please enquire at your health insurance company or the LVVP (national association of psychologists).
More information
For more information regarding internet-based treatment within our practice, please contact Liesbeth de Witt, health care psychologist, at:
For more information on Beating the Blues, please visit the website: . beatingblueslogo
For more information on Fear Fighter, please visit the website: