Client-centered Psychotherapy

Client-centered therapy is a form of process-focused and person-focused psychotherapy. The main focus is on facilitating the experiential process of the client, thereby helping him or her to move forward.

Treatment does not concentrate primarily on your symptoms, but rather on the place and (emotional) meaning of those complaints in your life at this point in time, both in light of your past as well as your desired future. Your whole person is taken into consideration, i.e. your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour as well as your relationship with yourself (your body and your emotions) and your relationship with others (your partner, family, work). The assumption is that you are the expert when it comes to your life. Important therapy elements are focusing on your feelings and exploratory reflection on your life and your behaviour. This therapy form aims to let you experience who you are, what you desire and what hinders you in life, so that you may take the necessary steps towards a more satisfying life.