Corona policy
From now on, intakes and therapy sessions will take place through video call.

As GP, company doctor or medical specialist, you can refer your clients to PEP Psychologen. Referral via ‘Zorgdomein’ always meets the conditions set by the health insurers. If you do not refer via ‘Zorgdomein’, it is important that the referral letter contains the following information:

  • Name/address/place of residence information client
  • Name/address/place of residence referrer, position referrer + AGB code referrer
  • Date referral
  • Medical diagnosis (suspected DSM diagnosis)
  • Explicit referral to primary mental health care or secondary mental health care
  • Specific referral to ‘PEP Psychologen’
  • Signature

Fax: 020 672 25 26

Should you have doubts regarding a registration, we are available for consultation. This is possible by telephone (020 66 210 91) or via the chat function ‘Patient consultation’ in ‘Zorgdomein’.

Waiting times

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