Referral letter per 01-01-2016

A general practitioner (GP), company doctor or medical specialist is able to refer to our practice for treatment within the Basic mental health care (Basis-GGZ) or the Specialized mental health care (Gespecialiseerde GGZ).

Our fax number is: 020-6722526

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Health care insurance companies place the following requirements on a referral letter:

  • name, address, town client
  • name, address, town referrer, function referrer + AGB-code referrer
  • date, the latest possible date accepted is the date of the intake, a referral is valid for 6 months maximum
  • medical diagnoses (suspected DSM-disorder)
  • signed by a referrer, who is included in the policy conditions
  • specific referral for the Basic mental health care (Basis GGZ) or Specialized mental health care (Gespecialiseerde GGZ)
  • signature and/or practice stamp of the referrer