Costs General Basic Mental Health Care (GBGGZ)

What are the costs?
In 2019, your basic health insurance covers psychological care in the General Basic mental health care.
You do not need to pay a deductible per session, but you pay out of the general deductible of your insurance.

Based on your symptoms, one of the products drawn up by the government will be used: Short, Medium, Intensive, or Chronic. Each product has a specific amount of time allocated for treatment. How many sessions will be reimbursed depends on the severity of your symptoms.
Reimbursement of treatment costs within the General Basic mental health is taken out of the general deductible. In 2019 the general deductible is € 385 per person *. GP care, dental care up to 18 years of age, obstetric care, maternity care and care that is covered by additional insurance, are not deducted from the excess. There is no excess for children under 18 years of age.
You pay the deductible to your insurance company.
* Unless you have agreed upon a higher deductible with your insurance company.

Are all disorders covered through the basic insurance (basisverzekering)?
No, not all. Adjustment disorders, workproblems and relationship difficulties, and some other disorders are not covered. You will have to pay for this treatment yourself, or perhaps an additional insurance might cover it.

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Who pays the bill?
For 2019 PEP Psychologen has a contract with every health insurance company. We will send the bill directly to your insurance company.