Covered care

PEP Psychologen has contracts with all health insurers. Treatment of mild to moderate issues takes place in primary mental health care. We support clients with complex symptoms in secondary mental health care. Both forms are covered and deducted from the compulsory or voluntary excess of your health insurance. Your treating practitioner registers both direct time (session) and indirect time (reporting, letter to the GP and consultation). For primary mental health care time is registered as a so-called ‘Performance’. This could be only an intake (incomplete treatment programme) or Short, Medium, Intensive, or Chronic. For specialized mental health care time is registered in a ‘Diagnosis Treatment Combination’ (in Dutch: Diagnose Behandel Combinatie, DBC).

There are statutory fees for the performances in primary mental health care and DBCs in specialized mental health care. For more information on these, please go to:

We charge your treatment to your health insurer after 365 days or after completion of the treatment. Please take your insurance deductible into account (€385, unless set higher). The health insurer will settle your remaining deductible from the year in which you had your first appointment (or after your treatment has been extended after 365 days).

Paying for the treatment yourself

Your treatment is only covered in case of a covered (DSM) diagnosis. The psychologist will assess this during the intake. If you do not meet the criteria for a covered diagnosis, you could opt to pay for the treatment yourself.


Individual 45-minute consult ** € 109,76
60-minute couple therapy € 73,17 per partner
Appointment cancelled too late/not cancelled € 60.00