Client interest

Client council

PEP Psychologen has a client council which represents the interests of its clients. The client council acts as the ‘voice’ of the clients of PEP Psychologen. This voice makes a valuable contribution to improving the quality of our care.

The client council consists of (former) clients of PEP Psychologen. The council offers solicited as well as unsolicited advice to the management of PEP Psychologen on issues such as privacy, safety and policy.

In the past year, suggestions of the client council lead to placing information screens and suggestion boxes in our waiting rooms. In addition, adjustments to our website have been made to improve the provided information regarding our practice. Furthermore via a meeting with our management, the client council contributes to our policy by reviewing documents like our annual plan.

Do you have any suggestions, ideas or comments? Please send an e-mail to the client council at:


Dissatisfaction and complaints
At PEP Psychologen, high quality care is greatly valued. Because of this, we are keen to be informed in any case of client dissatisfaction. We take clients’ complaints and experiences very seriously and will do our utmost to resolve any problems.

To report a problem
If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the treatment you receive at PEP Psychologen, we advise you first to discuss this with the staff member or therapist in question. Perhaps the problem can be resolved this way, or it may come to light that there has been a misunderstanding.

If you prefer not to express your dissatisfaction to the staff member/therapist, or the issue cannot be resolved this way, you can contact our complaints officer/confidante (for contact information, please contact our office). We aim to settle the complaint within two weeks.

If no proper solution can be found in cooperation with the therapist or staff member in question, we can provide you with information about the professional association your therapist is a member of, including contact details. You are then free to approach the association with your complaint.

According to legislation called BIG (“professions in individual health care”), all health care psychologists, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists are subject to the Disciplinary Council. Based on this legislation, your complaint can be reported to the Disciplinary Council for Health Care (Tuchtcollege voor de Gezondheidszorg). More information on types of complaints which are considered by the Disciplinary Council can be found at:


Naturally, all therapy sessions are confidential. We will retain your data with the utmost care and provide data to third parties only with your written permission. All our therapists are bound by the professional code by their BIG-registration (Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) for psychologists.


For more information about your privacy, read our Privacy Statement