For more information or to arrange an appointment please contact us. We can be reached by telephone during consulting hours, which are on weekdays between 14.00h and 17.00h: (020) 662 10 91. Outside consultation hours please leave a message on our confidential voice mail. We will return your call as soon as possible.

In case your GP has referred you for treatment within the basic mental health care domain (Generalistische Basis GGZ/ GBGGZ) and after the intake it is concluded that therapy within the specialized mental health care domain (Gespecialiseerde GGZ/ GGGZ) is indicated, please be aware that there is probably a waiting period for both our practice as elsewhere within the specialized mental health care domain (Gespecialiseerde GGZ/ GGGZ).

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance (or 72 hours in advance for appointments on Mondays). If you cancel without a 24-hour (or 72-hour) advance notice, you will be charged a no-show fee. To cancel an appointment, please call or e-mail our office or e-mail your therapist. If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message.

Registration and Information

You can also use our registration form to register with us. Upon receipt of the form we will contact you within one working day.

Current waiting time

8-7-2019: At the moment PEP Psychologen can not take in any new clients for specialized care unfortunately. It is thus not possible to register with our practice if you have a referral letter for specialized health care at this moment. If this situation changes, we will specify this on our website.

A key aspect of our practice is that we offer appointments at short notice. As far as possible we try to avoid having a waiting list.

We will update this page at the beginning of every month, to the most recent state of affairs.

Our current waiting time:

8-7-2019 Basic mental health care (Basis GGZ)

  • Intake session: 5-6 weeks
  • There is no waiting time to start your treatment once the intake session has taken place
  • When your health care insurance company is one of the following, there is still availability for treatment:
    Zilveren Kruis
  • Due to the fact that we have to spread our budget over the year, we are not able to accept new applications for clients who are insured with the following health care insurance companies:

Click here for a list of all the insurance companies and their labels

8-7-2019 Specialized mental health care (Gespecialiseerde GGZ)


This situation may change when the assigned budget is increased by the health care insurance company or when budget reserved for subsequent treatments comes available.

The waiting time* as mentioned above is our regular waiting time. If you have specific preferences for a therapist, evening appointments or a specific type of treatment (for example EMDR or ACT), please take into account that the waiting time can vary. Please contact us for an up-to-date waiting time.

* Mediation
In case you find our waiting time is too long, you can contact the health care provider or your health care insurance company to ask for mediation. Your health care insurance company can assist you to find a health care provider who is able to offer you an intake within 4 weeks after you first contacted the health care provider and where the actual treatment will start within 10 weeks after the intake session. These are the maximum acceptable waiting times as agreed by health care providers and health care insurance companies (Treeknormen) (Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit, 2016).

Click here for a list of all the insurance companies and their labels.