Zorgkaart Nederland: average grade 8.7

PEP Psychologen has received an average grade of 8.7 on Zorgkaart Nederland based on 52 ratings. Zorgkaart Nederland is the largest review site for the Dutch healthcare sector. Clients can rate the care they have received here. For health care providers, ZorgkaartNederland is a quality instrument that offers insight into what clients think is going well and what can be improved.

View the client reviews of PEP Psychologen.

Client satisfaction survey: average grade 8.3

PEP Psychologen regularly conducts a client satisfaction survey. In the latest survey, clients awarded their treatment an 8.3 on average. For approximately 9 out of 10 people, the treatment was the right approach and all treatment goals have been reached. You can view the results of the last client satisfaction survey via the links below.

Client satisfaction survey:
– View the survey figures (dutch)
– View the analysis (dutch)