Welcome to the PEP Psychologen website. We offer out-patient psychological care within both the basic mental health care domain (GBGGZ) and the specialized mental health care domain (GGGZ), for disorders related to anxiety and mood and/or disorders linked more to the personality. Within our practice all health care psychologists (GZ psychologists, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists) are registered with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ)/Register of Healthcare professionals (Wet BIG)) and are members of one or more professional psychological associations. We work closely together with a large number of referring general practitioners.

Our mission is to improve clients’ quality of life by offering excellent psychological care. Our psychologists are well trained and passionate about their profession. In addition, we as a practice keep our knowledge and expertise up to date by utilizing the Multidisciplinary Guidelines, and we maintain short lines of communication with other care providers involved with the client. Expertise, reliability, transparency and commitment are highly valued. The client comes first; treatment takes place in consultation with the client and is aimed at the reduction of psychological problems.

PEP stands for Praktijk of Eerstelijnspsychologen and Psychotherapeuten. Since 1982, our practice has been located in the ‘Oud-Zuid’ district of Amsterdam. Besides Dutch we also offer treatment in English and German. Those over the age of 18 can register using the online registration form or via our telephone number 020-6621091.

A key characteristic of our practice is that we offer appointments at short notice. We try to avoid working with a waiting list as much as possible.
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